Whether you’re hosting a festive fall party or just craving some Halloween snacks, these treats are a little bit spooky, not very challenging, and super delicious: win!

  • Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pretzels: This recipe makes 3-4 dozen snacks, so you’ll be set for at least a few days with these sweet snacks. Plus, you only need four ingredients!
  • Pretzel and Cheese broomsticks: Another recipe involving pretzels, but more salty vs. of sweet!
  • Boo-nanas: These treats are one part terrifying and one part terrific. Turn a basic banana into a festive treat with chocolate chips to create little ghosts.
  • Mini Doughnut Spiders: Do spiders creep you out? “Donut” worry, these snacks are perfectly harmless and not scary to eat. These are the perfect amount of creepy, creative, and crazy-delicious.

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