So you said you were going to work out. You wrote it down, you made the plans, you told yourself you were going to go after class…

And it didn’t happen.

We’ve all been there – and it can be very challenging to develop new habits and go to the gym! Try implementing one of these strategies if you’re having trouble sticking to a new fitness routine.

Set reasonable goals and challenges. Maybe saying you were going to run 10 miles was too much for your first day. If a goal seems way too difficult to the point where you don’t think you can do it, it may be better to start smaller. Then, as you start to go more often, introduce little challenges. 

Motivational messages. This may seem a little cheesy. But if you surround yourself with positive messages, they’ll always be on your mind. You’ll eventually stop listening to the part of your brain that says you can’t do it and focus on the part of you that says you can!

Commit with friends. It is way harder to back out of something if you aren’t the only one going. Make a commitment with your friends and set a schedule of when you will work out. The more friends involved, the more likely you’ll keep the commitment!

Friendly competition. Instead of just working out with friends, why not challenge each other? Make deals with each other – the one who runs the most miles doesn’t have to pay for dinner!

Set rewards. If you’ve been eyeing a new t-shirt online or wanting to watch the next episode of your favorite show, treat those as post workout rewards. If you go to the gym today, you can watch the next Game of Thrones episode. If you go the gym for two weeks? Then you can buy the shirt. This can be pretty effective (as long as you don’t cheat!).

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