Spring break has come and gone, which means the rest of the semester will fly by! You know what that means: University of Georgia final exams are right around the corner. Studying can be a lot more efficient if you take advantage of some of the amazing study tools and websites that are out there! We’ve highlighted some different programs you can use to improve your study game this spring: have you used any of these apps?

Easybib: It’s easy to mix up the different citation formats (MLA or APA? Where do I put the publisher again?) There’s no need to worry about that with EasyBib. Plus in all the information that you have for each of your different sources – it’ll then generate a complete bibliography for you in alphabetical order! Plus, sources cited by other users are saved into a database, saving you even more time.

Todoist: When final exams and semester project due dates all exists around the same time, you can get overwhelmed by all of the different information for different classes! Use an app like Todoist to create organized lists to keep things in order during the busiest time of the year.

Quizlet: Chances are you’ve already heard of this popular app. It’s a great choice to help you get your studying done. In addition to flash cards, the learning tool has a few different study games to help you memorize key terms and concepts. Plus you can search user-generated flashcards so the material you need to study may already be available!

SelfControl: It’s interesting how interesting your Twitter feed gets when you have studying that needs to be done! SelfControl lets you blacklist specific websites for a certain amount of time – and once you set the timer, there’s no going back. Even turning your computer off and on again won’t let you access the blocked sites. Perfect for procrastinators!

Songza: What does every study session need? A killer study playlist! Songza lets you choose stations based on your activities: whether you’re looking for calming classical music, upbeat EDM, or some aggressive rock songs, Songza has got you covered.

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