Summer vacation is great – who doesn’t love taking a break from college classes, visiting somewhere new, taking on a summer job, and catching up with old friends? Now that summer is nearly halfway over, chances are that your mind is far from academia, and when school starts back up at University of Georgia, that workload is going to be a slap to the face.

But never fear! By implementing some simple routines and practices into your life beforehand, you can come back this fall on top of your a-game and ready to take on any challenge UGA throws your way.

  • Read a book. It doesn’t need to be extremely academic or even non-fiction. Chances are you haven’t picked up a book or even skimmed a few pages in weeks. This can help you improve your reading comprehension and sharpen your mind – and hey, it can even be fun! Check out some recommendations here.
  • Look at your syllabi…and your schedule. What classes did you sign up for again? Be familiar with your schedule and subjects you you signed up for months ago. As soon as a syllabus is up, review it to get an idea of the kind of course load your expecting this fall.
  • Ask for advice. Did your friend take that one class last semester? Your friends can be some of your greatest resources – they may have advice on how to communicate with certain professors or some writing tips to do well on your essays.
  • Get organized. This will be the year you are on top of things! Divide up all of your computer files into the appropriate folders, get yourself some notebooks and flashcards, and prepare yourself ahead of time with all of the study supplies you’ll need – that first midterm will be here before you know it.
  • Sleep. Staying up until 3am every night is fun… but it won’t be when your lab is at 8am the next day. Gradually start adjusting your sleep schedule now so you don’t accidentally sleep through class!

Taking a few simple steps now will make that back-to-school transition way easier for you in the long run. In the meantime, you still have a few weeks of summer, so be sure to enjoy yourselves! Check out our quick road trip recommendations while you’re at it.