School is back in session at the University of Georgia, which means exams are right around the corner. Maybe you’re gearing up for that first study session, or perhaps you’ve already had to face a test or two…? Either way, it doesn’t hurt to get a quick refresher and add in extra tips and tricks to your study skills tool belt. Check out some of these ideas we’ve rounded up to improve your study game and help you bring in those A’s!

  • Take breaks. Pulling an all-night study session? While you may want to just stay in one place and keep cramming, it’s a good idea to take a break about every half-hour. Walk around and stretch those legs, grab a snack, enjoy some fresh air. And speaking of snacks…
  • Eat well. Did you know that certain foods really are considered “brain food?” Enjoy some berries or nuts as a study snack or enjoy a healthy meal with fish and whole grains the night before an exam for an extra boost.
  • Space it out. All-nighters can be stressful – so why not break them up? Study a little bit each night over a few nights instead of re-teaching yourself an entire section all at once. You’ll be able to keep information more organized
  • Form a study squad. Gather up a few people from your classes and grab yourselves a table in the library! You can quiz each other for extra practice. On the plus side? If you have trouble understanding something, one of your classmates may be able to help!
  • Breathe. Text anxiety is a real thing and can make it difficult to rock your exam. Take a few moments the night before, the morning of, or right before the test to pause and meditate. This will help alleviate some of the stress and hopefully help you out when the exam comes!

Next thing you know, you’ll be a study expert!

What other study tips and tricks do you have? Let us know by tweeting at @RiverbendAthens and @TowneClubCondos. We’d love to hear your recommendations and share the best ones with our followers!

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